Find an Honest Contractor in Clearwater for Your Roofing Project

Residents of Clearwater, FL are fortunate to have several reputable roofing contractors to choose from when it comes to their construction, remodeling, or repair needs. But however abundant they may be, honest contractors can be hard to find. This article will help you navigate the sea of prospective contractors in the greater Clearwater area and help you find the best roofing contractor for you, both in terms of your needs and in terms of best business practices.

Finding Reliable Roofing Contractors in Clearwater

First and foremost, ask any contractor with whom you are considering working about their licensing and insurance. Florida has a rigorous licensing process, and minimum liability insurance coverage is one of its requirements. Make sure that workers compensation is included in their coverage.

As a precaution, watch out for contractors who appear conveniently after the kind of natural disaster that negatively affects roofs. A little investigation will reveal them as scams, but it’s typically best to just avoid them altogether. Another clear sign that you may be dealing with a scammer is if the contractor is hesitant to specify payment terms in a written contract. A common scam tactic involves a “cash deposit” before work has begun, upon delivery of which the contractor promptly vanishes.

The easiest way to find reliable contractors is through friends and neighbors who can recommend a company based on prior experience. If no one you know has any recommendations, then the contractor you’re considering should be able to provide these, and the Better Business Bureau will provide information about the company’s history, background, and any official complaints against them.

If you use these guidelines before entering into any kind of business relationship with a contractor, you will avoid scams. Granted, scams are not the only way that an experience with a contractor can go sour, but the rest is a matter of finding the contractor who meets your needs in terms of the type of project, budget, and timeframe. Once you’ve ruled out the obviously fake, it should be relatively easy to further narrow down your list judging by those criteria.

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