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Like all coastal cities Dunedin FL has unique challenges you should be aware of when trying to find roofing contractors.

Dunedin FL is in a hurricane-zoned area and subject to Southern Standards Building Code recommendations. There are specific methods and materials that must be employed to comply with standards set for 145 mph winds and meet building regulations.

Roof pitch or incline angle will determine product choices allowed in Dunedin FL. Find roofing contractors willing to explain the best option for your situation. For example shingles cannot be used a roof that is too flat or water will be absorbed underneath the shingle by osmosis. Generally sheet roofing is a better choice for very flat or low incline roofs.

Shingle nailing patterns define how many nails per shingle as well as placement that building inspectors require for Dunedin FL. Find a roofing contractor that is licensed and files a building permit which will include the nail pattern and shingles he/she intends to use. This is a significant advantage permits provide in that they tend to flush out potential errors/mistakes during filing before the materials are purchased or the work performed. Legally roofs must be permitted for Dunedin FL.

Find a roofing contractor recognized by Pinellas County Building Department. Your Roofing contractor should have a roofing contractor card from the county certifying he/she is licensed by the County. Dunedin Fl requires the actual permit should be posted on the property during the roofing process so that the inspector can easily find it.

Underlayment material is also required to meet building code requirements. In recent years this has changed from simple tar paper to a peel and stick rubber-like material that is many times superior. If properly installed, the underlayment itself can provide a complete water barrier before the shingles or surface roof materials are even applied. Inspectors will actually inspect underlayment before the next layer is installed.

In cases where weather conditions or schedule demands require roofing proceed uninterrupted before the underlayment inspection, most inspectors will expect photos and affidavit from properly licensed roofing contractor that verify compliance with regulations for Dunedin FL.

Find roofing contractors that have a working history with local county inspectors to assure all regulations are met.

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