Evaluating repair or replacement for your asphalt shingle roof


Asphalt shingles are among the most popular roofing materials in the market. They are an attractive option because they are cost-effective and durable. They’re also relatively easy to install. So how do you know when it’s time to repair versus replace your asphalt roof?


Wear and tear on shingles takes the form of curling. Cupping is a type of curling where the roof is curving along the edges. Curving is a type of curling where the middle of the roof comes up while the edges remain flat. The decision to repair or replace your curling shingles will depend on the degree of damage.


The age of your asphalt shingles may also influence your decision to repair or replace. If your shingle roof was installed over a number of layers, the roof has a longer lifespan. If it’s just a single layer of shingles, it won’t have the same degree of longevity. Another sign that your asphalt shingles may require repair is missing shingles. Depending on the number of shingles your roof is missing, your roofing contractor may be able to color-match your existing shingles and patch the missing pieces. If the damage is extensive, it may require a full roof replacement.


If you notice water stains on the ceiling in your home, it may indicate a leak in your asphalt shingle roof. A roofing contractor will need to evaluate the size and extent of the leak. The larger the leak (and the damage causing the leak), the more likely you will have to replace your roof instead of just making repairs.


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wpradminEvaluating repair or replacement for your asphalt shingle roof