Flat Roof Tips for Commercial Properties


Flat roofs are among the most common roofing style for commercial properties. So what should you know about the flat room on your Palm Harbor, Florida commercial property?


There are a number of different flat roof material types. The type of flat roof on your building may dictate the material type selected for your roof. In addition to varying material types, there are several different installation methods for flat roofs. They can be installed by a fully adhering method or mechanically. For fully adhered roofs, membrane is directly glued to roof subtrates. When the mechanical method is utilized, barbed plates or roof screws are used to place the rows of membrane on the roof.   Your commercial roofing contractor can inspect your flat roof to determine which installation is most appropriate for your roof replacement.


How long will your flat roof last? It depends on a number of factors, including the quality of the work completed by the contractor, the building or structure the roof is installed on and the climate. Typically, flat roofs have a 10-25 year life span.  If you’re replacing a flat roof on your commercial building, your roofer should educate you on the warranty they offer.


Repairs on a flat roof require a commercial roofer. Flat roofs have very specific needs and nuances and as such, require professional attention. One of the best ways to protect your flat roof investment is to have regular roof inspections by a commercial roofing contractor.


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