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Weatherproof Roofing provides top quality roofing services to the residents of Tampa Bay.

Our Company

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work as well as our commitment to exceptional customer service. As premier contractors, you can trust that you’re working with the best!

We are a fully licensed, bonded, certified, and insured Florida roofing company providing commercial and residential services you can trust.
At Weatherproof Roofing, we believe that a reliable roof is your first defense in protecting your home. That’s why we only use the best, most energy efficient materials for our customers.

There are many roofing companies around the area that will offer low prices that may seem like a great deal; however, these companies will perform inferior work, use a lesser quality material, which may not be what you signed up for. At Weatherproof Roofing we always inform you of any possible fees you may be subject to. Our goal is to deliver the best quality to protect your home and family with honesty.

Wide Variety of Services

Regardless of the type of work you need done on your home, we will give you long lasting solutions at reasonable costs. Some of the most commonly needed services we offer are:

  • Replacements: Our experts have the skills to install quality materials that will last decades on your new home. Aging or highly damaged roofs sometimes have no other option than replacing the full surface, which we can perform in a timely manner.
  • Repairs: Florida is known for heavy rains that threaten the safety of your family and home. When an issue arises Weatherproof Roofing’s professional team is here to keep your family safe.

As you are considering hiring Weatherproof Roofing for your roofing needed, know that we only work with the best materials available. You can also feel confident that your property is protected, we will thoroughly clean up once the project is finished. Don’t worry about extra materials or stray nails lurking in your yard, we have science on our side = magnetic strength! We will leave your home looking as if we were never there!

Extensive Expertise

At Weatherproof Roofing, we are comfortable working on any and all types of roofs including:

  • Shingles: The most affordable, and easiest to maintain, shingles are the one of the most commonly used material in the area.
  • Tile: Many homes around Florida feature a beautiful tile roof that adds a lot of personality to the residence. Tiles come in variety of shapes and colors.
  • Flat: This option is also adapted to commercial buildings that are looking for easy access or for residents planning on utilizing the surface. Flat roofs may seem rare, particularly for homes, but they’re actually quite popular in the drier regions of the United States. Drier weather means architects don’t have to be concerned about water pooling and eventually leading to roof damage. At Weatherproof Roofing we are qualified to install a tapered system to your flat roof home to alleviate water pooling issues that may have risen.

Our team of certified contractors would be happy to further discuss with you the options you have available to you in order to find which will best suit your needs.

If you are looking for the most qualified and dependable roofing company in the area, give us a call at 727-461-7663 to get more information about Weatherproof Roofing and find out how we can help you!

Meet the Team

bill j

Bill J.


Bill, a true native Floridian, has been in the roofing business since 1999. When Bill began his roofing career he quickly realized that not all roofing companies are the same; very few were interested in offering the high quality services and outstanding customer service that he is passionate about. That passion is what lead him to become the President of Weatherproof Roofing in 2012. Bill knows how important it is to have a safe home for your family; he has three daughters and one son. Bill is very hands on and ensures that every job Weatherproof Roofing completes is done professionally and on schedule.


Pat K.


Pete is wonderful with customers and thorough in the details, so he will walk you through all your roofing questions. Pete has two sons and is a resident of St. Petersburg. He has seen the industry evolve over the years making him an expert in your current roof needs and options for roofing replacements. Pete’s organization makes any customer confident in their roofing decisions.


Peter K.

Project Manager

Peter Klemick is the newest member of the Weatherproof Roofing team, with nearly two decades of experience he is proficient in the roofing industry. Pete is wonderful with customers and thorough in the details, so he can walk you through all your roofing questions. Pete has seen the industry evolve over the years making him an expert in your current roof needs and options for roofing replacements. Pete’s organization makes any customer confident in their roofing decisions.


Kyra H.


Kyra is the nail that keep the shingles on at Weatherproof Roofing. She will help facilitate your project from start to finish. She is a native Floridian, so she is aware of how quickly weather can change around here and knows how important your time is, so rest assured she will get right to the point with all your information. Her professionalism and organization is what keeps Weatherproof Roofing running like clockwork!


Doyt (DJ) H.


DJ a native Floridian, has over a decade of roofing experience. He has a vast knowledge in the roofing industry and he will find solutions to your roofing needs. DJ is a hard worker and takes the time to make sure all jobs are done right and correctly so clients are left feeling safe and satisfied with the job!


Clay A.

Production Manager

You will see Clay’s face on every job site. He is there to help you through the installation process to answer any questions that may arise. Clay is originally from the Oklahoma but has lived in Tampa for a year now. He is an All-American Collegiate wrestler for Colorado. He loves to play Frisbee Golf and has two pups named Russ and Tom.


Lindsey T.

Customer Service Specialist

Lindsey will be the first person you will speak to when you call in at Weatherproof Roofing. She is our head Customer Service representative and will always greet you with a smile. Lindsey is originally from the Pacific Northwest but has lived in the Sunshine State for two years now. She loves the outdoors & is an avid yogi.

Why WeatherProof?

At Weatherproof Roofing, we understand each home is different and requires a custom plan of action. Our insured, licensed, bonded, and certified contractors know how to work on a variety of roofing materials, including but not limited to, shingles, tiles, and metal. When you call us, you will always get the very best; we will never contract out to third parties.

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we offer the best roof repair services, and we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. We always have open communication with our clients, so you will never be surprised by hidden fees or outrageous prices. We will always arrive at your home when we say we will, because we know your time is important.

If you have noticed a minor leak, or suspect your home may need some roof repair work, do not wait any longer! Give us a call today at (727) 461–7663.

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