Roof Replacement

The benefits of Metal Roofing for your St. Petersburg, Florida home

You have several material options available to replace your home’s roof. Although asphalt shingles have long been the most popular roofing material in the US, metal roofs are growing in popularity. There are benefits, especially in our St. Petersburg Florida climate, to selecting a metal roof for your home.   Durability: Even in extreme weather conditions, metal roofs offer great protection for your home from heavy rain and hurricane-powered winds. This material will not corrode or crack. Metal is also...
wpradminThe benefits of Metal Roofing for your St. Petersburg, Florida home
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Material options for your roof replacement

Are you planning a roof replacement for your Belleair, Florida home? Roofing contractors offer a wide array of materials to choose from for your roof replacement. This overview will give you some insight into the most popular roofing material options.   Shingles, also known as asphalt roofing, are made of a number of layers of fiberglass embedded with asphalt to make them water resistant. This roofing material is very popular because it is very cost effective. They are also easy...
wpradminMaterial options for your roof replacement
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Advantages of a metal roof for your Palm Harbor home

As you determine what material might be best for your roof replacement, here are some important considerations for metal roofing that might make it a better alternative for your home over shingles or tile. Is metal roofing the best choice for your Palm Harbor Florida home? One unique benefit to metal roofing over other material options is the longevity of the material. A study conducted by the Metal Construction Association found that the life expectancy of a metal roof can...
wpradminAdvantages of a metal roof for your Palm Harbor home
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Repair or replacement for your home’s roof?

When it comes to your home’s roof, it is important to make wise decisions on upkeep to protect your investment. An unnecessary roof replacement is a huge, avoidable expense if you make informed choices around appropriate repairs for your roof. A local contractor like Weatherproof Roofing can assist with getting appropriate roof repairs for your Clearwater, Florida home. One roof repair that can help avoid the need for a total roof replacement is roof patching.  If you have damage in...
wpradminRepair or replacement for your home’s roof?
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Dunedin Florida Roof Replacement Gotchas

Weatherproof Roofing is a roof replacement company that services Dunedin Florida and its surrounding areas. As a roofing company, we hear from clients about how their last re-roof experience went. Many of their stories have similar themes. You may be considering improvements for your home in Dunedin Florida. Roof replacement is a common one. Take this list of gotchas to heart: Low ball estimates that don't give much detail. Many times, we see roof replacement estimates from other roofers that...
wpradminDunedin Florida Roof Replacement Gotchas
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Which roof is best for you, in Wesley Chapel, FL?

North Tampa continues to be a busy area for home building and home improvement. We receive calls from the Lutz, Land O Lakes and Wesley Chapel areas asking about roof replacements all the time. Often, we're asked about the difference between different types of roof coverings during a roof replacement. Wesley Chapel homes frequently feature a small variety of coverings. Here's a quick summary: Composite Shingles This is the most common material used to cover homes. They come in a...
wpradminWhich roof is best for you, in Wesley Chapel, FL?
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Clearwater Roof Replacement Mistakes

Clearwater Roof Replacement Mistakes As a Clearwater, FL roof replacement company, we here at Weatherproof Roofing get asked all the time about what mistakes to avoid when getting a new roof put on a house. Here are a few of the top ones: 1) Going with the company with lowest estimate. As with almost all shopping, always make sure you know what you are getting, and what you are not, when going with the lowest price. In the roof replacement...
wpradminClearwater Roof Replacement Mistakes
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