Preparing your children and pets for a roof replacement


In previous posts, we’ve addressed how to prepare the interior of your home and your yard/garden for a roof replacement. Now, we’ll address how you can best prepare your family, specifically children and pets, for a roof replacement.

A roof replacement is typically a very noisy job that can take a number of days. This can be very disruptive to both children and pets. So how can you best prepare them?


  1. Plan to keep your pets inside: Not only will your property be full of strangers, but they will be creating disruption and a lot of noise in the process of replacing your roof. This may be upsetting for your pets, specifically dogs. In addition, there may be stray materials, including nails, on the ground. When you need to take them outside, do so on a leash and check the area where they are walking to be sure they don’t step on anything sharp.


  1. Comfort your animals: In addition to keeping them inside, you may want to take extra time and attention to comfort your pets. The loud and disruptive roof replacement process may be upsetting and create fear.


  1. Make arrangements for children: Depending on the age of your children, you may want to send them to their grandparents house during the day while your roof replacement is taking place. The noise of the project will make it nearly impossible for them to nap or rest. They also won’t be able to spend any time outside.


  1. Warn your kids to look for debris: If your children are old enough to play outside, you’ll want to warn them about nails or other stray material that they may find outside after your roof replacement is complete.

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wpradminPreparing your children and pets for a roof replacement