Metal Roofing: The Choice for Your Safety Harbor, FL Home

You might have noticed more metal roofs around the residential areas of Safety Harbor, FL. The truth is, metal roofing is becoming a popular trend nationwide as well as in the Sunshine State, and with good reason. Metal roofs provide a lot of value for the customer that other roofing materials just can’t offer. If you’re considering a change to your roof, here are a few reasons to consider a Safety Harbor contractor who specializes in metal roofing.
Let’s start with the basics, like how metal roofing will effect your pocketbook and your peace of mind. For one thing, homes with metal roofs often receive an insurance discount, since their safety features do so much to enhance a home’s overall protections. That’s at least partly because a metal roof is made of some of the toughest materials available, and aren’t subject to mold, pests, or even fire in the way that an asphalt or other type of roof is. As a result they can last the life of your home and save you a bundle on upkeep and periodic repair. The most maintenance they may need is a re-application of their factory coating. And the myths about them amplifying noise from rain or attracting lightning to a house are complete exaggerations.
You might be saying “That’s all well and good, but how does a metal roof impact the less tangible aspects of my home like its curb appeal and environmental impact?” Well for one thing, metal roofs can come in any color or style that you choose: they can even be made to look like other types of roof such as cedar shake or clay tiles! And, metal roofs are completely recyclable with no loss of quality each time their materials are recycled. You can rest assured that recycled metal roofs are available for your first time installation, and that the waste from your roof will never take up space in your local landfill.
With so many advantages, it’s easy to see why so many are considering a metal roof for their homes. Contact your local Safety Harbor roofing contractor who specializes in metal roofing for more information.


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