Storm Damage

At Weatherproof Roofing we know how scary it can be after the storm, we are here to help you navigate your way back to normalcy.

We’ve Got Your Home Covered Through the Storm

Weatherproof Roofing has vast experience working with customers’ insurance companies to assist with storm damage insurance claims. We will work with our customers to provide documentation needed for claim purposes, to ensure we are there to assist you in all your claim needs. We know that dealing with insurance companies can be stressful after the storm and we are here to help you weather through it step by step.

Storm Damage is Not Always Visible

Thunderstorms, wind storms, hail storms, and even tornadoes can all cause wind damage to your property. Even high winds can wreak havoc on unsecured structures or rooftops, causing roof leaks and other potentially catastrophic roof damage. Here in Florida wind damage is a regular occurrence and Weatherproof Roofing knows how to handle wind damage insurance claims and walk our customers through the process.

Our project managers will provide you with recommended options to replacing any storm damage. The sooner you have your roof inspected by our team the better chance to prevent further damage after the storm.

What is Wind Damage?

Wind damage to your property can occur when you experience any kind of storm or other weather event with high winds. Most people associate wind damage with major storms like tornadoes and hurricanes, but any high winds can cause property damage.

One thing that every business owner and homeowner should know, be sure to document the state of your property and other assets before disaster strikes. You can easily use your smartphone to take photos and videos of all the different parts of your property. These images and videos will be invaluable if you need to make a roof damage insurance claim for wind damage or really any other type of claim in the future.


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