How to address a leaking roof

Finding water leaking from your ceiling is not a welcomed surprise as a homeowner. There are a few steps you should take right away to contain the problem and try to minimize the damage to your home.

When you notice a dark spot in your ceiling, there’s a good change that water is pooling. You should get a container and place it beneath the spot. Once you’ve got a place for the water to go, you should get a screwdriver and puncture the leak. Do your best to try the center where the most water is sitting. Draining the water from the leak will help prevent strain on the rest of your ceiling, as the water has somewhere to go. Too much water resting on the ceiling could cause a collapse.

If you know the source of the leak and you are able to access it safely, you should cover it with a tarp to prevent more water from getting in. If you aren’t sure the source of the leak, or if you can’t safely access it, a professional roofer can help. A local roofer may offer emergency services for tarping. If your roof’s leak is due to a storm, a roofer can’t address the leak until after the weather has passed. Tarping is a temporary solution to prevent any more water from getting into your home.

Once it’s safe for a professional roofer to access the leak, they will inspect the inside of your roof from your attic, as well as the exterior. This inspection will help them define the exact location of the leak in your roof. This is the first step in roof repair for your Largo, FL home.

If you wait to address a leak in your roof, you run the risk of serious damage in your home. As mentioned before, the accumulation of water on your ceiling can cause collapse.

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