Considering an aluminum roof in Clearwater FL

It is extremely important that an aluminum roof in Clearwater Florida be installed by roofer familiar with the Southern Standards Building Code recommendations for hurricane prone areas.

Although hurricanes a few and far between in Clearwater FL aluminum roofs must be constructed for that rare one that might show up when least expected. An aluminum roof is softer than a steel roof and fastening it properly with the correct fasteners is essential to it withstanding strong storm wind conditions.

Although steel roofs are generally more common there are some benefits unique to an aluminum roof. Clearwater FL is subjected to salt water corrosion; aluminum roofs are more corrosion resistant but typically cost a little more.

Aluminum roofs and steel are both recyclable materials, both are fire resistant. Steel is slightly better in cases that do not utilize an underlayment material.

An aluminum roof will likely out live you.

There are a number of different galvanizing methods utilized for aluminum roofs, make sure you select one best suited to the weather conditions of Clearwater FL.

When considering a steel or aluminum roof in Clearwater Florida heat dissipation is another factor your roofer should be familiar with. Metal roofing will generally transmit more heat to the sub roof than other roof types because steel and aluminum are both good heat conductors. To diminish excessive heat transfer to your living space there are a number of factors that should be considered relevant to weather conditions in Clearwater FL.

– Aluminum roofs and/or steel should employ an effective reflective surface.

– Underlayments can lessen heat transfer

– Ventilating fir strips can also be utilized to keep heat buildup outside of the living space by allowing heat to escape from under the aluminum roof surface.

– Radiant barriers/material can also by employed to reflect heat away.

In closing it is important to remember an aluminum roof is more susceptible to impact damage such as hail or falling branches than steel of the same gauge. Selecting a pattern and gauge that best hides/inhibits denting and walking softly on the finished surface can make aluminum roof an excellent choice for Clearwater Florida buildings.

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