Belleair Florida Roof Leaks Galore

Belleair Florida roof leaks are occurring in record numbers as the area experiences abnormal amounts of rain fall on a seemingly endless basis for many weeks. This massive amount of precipitation is likely to create a backlog of work for many Belleair Florida roof leak repair companies.

It is not uncommon for people to put off roof repairs until they actually experience a leak. Unfortunately this practice causes several problems;

  • What might otherwise be an inexpensive service call becomes an emergency repair, which typically cost more
  • Scheduling a roof leak repair during rainy season is more likely to involve a waiting list and premium prices
  • Water damage to interior ceilings, walls, insulation, and framing as a result of a leak can add to the repair cost
  • Unattended leaks can result in the formation of mold which adds another dimension to repair costs

Belleair Florida roof leaks can be remedied a number of ways.

The fastest way to stop or limit water entering through a roof leak during a storm involves a temporary cover such as a tarp. To assure it sheds water properly and does not blow off until a permanent roof repair can be made this is best installed by an experienced roof contractor. Installing a tarp improperly can actually do more harm than good if water flow is misdirected.

There are also a “wet repair” roofing tar that can be applied to a wet surface. Again it is important a knowledgeable roof leak specialist do the work for best results and to avoid making a mess.

Most permanent repairs are best performed when the rain stops. Depending on the age and condition of your roof you will have to decide if you require a new roof or simply want to fix the active roof leak.

Belleair Florida requires a building permit be filed to install a new roof. They also require roofing contractors be properly licensed by the state of Florida.

If your roof is getting old and it is time to start thinking about replacing it you will typically save money scheduling the work during the dry season. Many roofers will offer a “slow season” discount if you ask them in advance.

Generally, November through April is the dry season for Belleair Florida. Roof leaks can be avoided all together by fixing the problem before its too late.

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