Metal Roofing Installation Tips for Clearwater, FL Residents

People in Clearwater, FL who use metal roofing are no less vulnerable to problems with faulty insulation than the rest of the country, so it’s important to pay close attention during your roofing installation. Here are some tips to help you ensure a safe and effective installation:

Know Your Warranty: Be sure that you and your Clearwater, FL metal roofing contractor are familiar with the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation mistakes that will void your warranty. Voiding it can guarantee a huge repair bill should something go wrong later on.

Appropriate Flashing and Underlayment: it may sound like an oxymoron, but flashing is the material used to join the metal roofing to materials other than the metal used such as vents, gutters, skylights or chimneys. The crucial thing is to ensure that water drains on top of the metal roofing and is not allowed to leak between the two surfaces. Likewise, underlayment is your roof’s barrier between outside rain or other weather and the underside of your metal roofing: it’s the second line of defense if your flashing is compromised. This is especially crucial during the rainy season around Clearwater, FL, which can be especially punishing on houses with metal roofing.

Pre-Existing Damage: make sure that your roof is properly inspected before installation begins. Metal is known to expand and contract, especially in humid climates. If the roof structure is not sound to begin with, these shifts can come unconnected from the rest of the roof or can create cracks and holes that allow more moisture in.

Insurance: Be sure and consult with your home owner’s insurance provider regarding roof installation methods. Some types of metal roofing can be installed on top of previously existing roof shingles, but not all insurers will cover homes with this type of installation. Better safe than sorry!


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