Different materials types for your new metal roof

Metal roofs are very appealing, especially in our Florida climate. They have a longer lifespan than their asphalt or tile counterparts. They can also reflect heat from your home. When properly installed, they are less likely to leak as well. Which metal material variety is right for your roof replacement?

Steel is a very common material for metal roofs. It’s popular because it offers several color options, it’s durable and strong and it doesn’t weigh a lot. It’s versatile enough to create a variety of looks for your home. It’s also usually less expensive than other metal roofing materials. One important note in our coastal Florida climate – steel can corrode if exposed to salt spray. Galvanized steel is the best option in these conditions.

Aluminum is another popular metal roofing material. It weighs less than steel, and is easier for roofing contractors to install. Despite its thin quality, aluminum is still very durable. Aluminum is also less likely to rush and corrode with time. This makes it a great option in our coastal climate.

Copper is another metal roofing material. This material can last nearly 100 years. It’s softer, so not as loud in a heavy rain shower. One downside of copper is the cost. It is a more costly metal roofing material.

Finally, zinc is another option for your metal roof. Zinc has an outer layer that helps prevent corrosion and other damage over time. This roofing material can last anywhere from 60 to 100 years.

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wpradminDifferent materials types for your new metal roof