Dunedin FL Residential Roof Repair Contract Pointers

Roof repair is one of most important responsibilities of a homeowner. It can be a challenging task finding trustworthy and competent contractor in a small town like Dunedin Florida. Residential roof repair companies will likely be from surrounding communities outside the town.

It is important you understand your bid to make sure you know what you are paying for. Residential roof repair is a very competitive business. Most contractors are lucky to make a profit of 15% after paying crews, permits, materials, equipment, insurance and bonds.

It is virtually impossible for a roofing company to accurately determine the full extent of roof repairs required until they remove the old roof to see the condition underneath. As such contractors will employ clauses in their contract that allow for extra charges based on what they might find after the demolition. This is a normal practice but there can be a wide range of price variables between companies.

Here are a few things to look for in Dunedin FL residential roof repair bids;

Bid price should define square footage of roof to be repaired. (Make sure it is a realistic number OR ask that the clause “entire roof” be included with the square footage number.

Bid should identify the type of roof covering and underlayment that will be used.

Bid should list whether or not materials such as plywood, fascia, paint, and flashing are included in the bid amount.

Bid should identify the price rate sheet for any extra materials that might be required. Preferably this rate schedule rate should not be more than twice the retail price of said materials. Some companies charge an added fee for upper stories since mare equipment is typically required.

Bid should have a Florida Contactor license number clearly visible.

Bid should define warranty terms. Does it include labor, s it pro rated over the term, etc. Many companies will off a basic warranty as part of the bid and make premium long-term warrantees available for an added cost.

Remember the warranty is only as good as the company that writes it, Check to see if it is backed up by a longstanding company. For example GAF, one of the largest and oldest building supply houses will stand behind certain Dunedin FL residential roof repair contractors who meet their rigid “aster Elite” qualifications and provide a lifetime warrantee including labor. Even if the contractor retires, goes out of business, etc., GAF guarantees warranty.

Other major suppliers such as Owens Corning offer similar programs

Read your contract careful, do not hesitate to ask contractor to add clarifications if needed. A little extra time going over the contract can save you both surprises and problems later.

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