Dunedin Florida Roof Leak – What to do

Dunedin Florida roof leaks are an increasing nuisance during these Summer months. These higher levels of rain during the Summer have resulted in many roofing companies to have a long list of jobs on the books. Many of the roofers will travel as much at 30 minutes to service the needs of their clients in Dunedin Florida. Repairing roof leaks during an active rainfall means the leak is covered up until the rain stops. At that point, the roofer can come back to create a more permanent leak solution.

While Weatherproof roofing would like the opportunity to fix any situations of water entering your house through the roof, there are a few things you can do, as the homeowner in Dunedin, to quickly stop the leak.

The most common quick fix is to secure a plastic sheet or tarp on the roof. This method usually consists of the tarp plus some way of securing it to the roof, like heavy bricks or boards that are weighed down.

One special problem with water coming in through the roof is that the water can travel from the leak to another part of the house. So, a wet spot on the ceiling in the living room may have been produced by a leak 10 to 20 feet away. The best way to approach thing is to take a peak in the attic to see of you find water running down a rafter and then dripping onto the top part of the ceiling below.

Once the rain stops. Your roofer making a repair estimate can effectively advise you on if the repair is worth the effort, or if a new roof would be a better investment. At Weatherproof Roofing, we just want you to have all the information so that you can make the best decision for your home.

Weatherproof Roofing is your Dunedin, FL roofing company that strives to solve your emergency and home improvement roofing needs in a professional and timely manner. We offer the best and most reliable guarantees in the industry. Our phone support staff are ready for your call 24 hours a day. Why not call us right now?

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