My Safe Florida Home Testimonial

After finding out about My Safe Florida, I applied for the grant, not really knowing what I was applying for. I had heard about it through the company I work for. I applied for My safe Florida Grant on April 26, 2023, and had my wind mitigation on May 3, 2023. At this point, I have been approved to apply for my safe Florida Grant now. You must do those previous steps before even being allowed to apply for the actual grant. So I still have some time to wait on this before being approved for the program.

What I have learned about the program so far is that you need to be very patient with the process as it takes time, and also, you will be paying for the entire project upfront, and it is a reimbursement program. So you can be approved for different programs, but overall, you get $2 back for every $1 spent up to a certain amount. I’m not sure what the separate categories are yet. So it depends on what grant you get approved for as to how much money you can receive back. I’m hoping to get new windows for my home with this grant.

Another thing I have learned through clients I am working with is that you cannot be reimbursed for projects that were started and/or completed before the grant has been approved. This is a timely process, so make sure you’re patient with this grant program, and it sounds like it will save a lot of money and help improve the safety of our homes here in the beautiful sunshine state of Florida.

Roger SafontMy Safe Florida Home Testimonial