Preparing for your Palm Harbor FL Metal Roofing Installation

After you have selected a roofing contractor and determined the materials for your roof installation process, there are still additional steps you need to take to prepare for your Palm Harbor FL metal roofing installation. Here are some logistical arrangements you should be sure to discuss with your contractor.


  1. Work on back-up plans: Weather is unpredictable, so it’s important to have a contingency plan for your roof installation should the weather impact your original plans.
  2. Work with your contractor on the space they will need: in addition to the materials they will need for your Palm Harbor fl metal roofing installation, your contractor will need a dumpster, and a place to put all of items throughout the duration of your project. Have conversations with your contractor ahead of time so you can properly plan the space they will need for these necessities.
  3. You may need exterior power: Determine if exterior power is needed and if so, make contingency plans to ensure it’s available.
  4. Move outdoor furniture and cover your plants: Moving outdoor furniture will ensure it is protected through the roof installation process. Although your contractor will work with you to avoid your landscaping, it is best to cover your plants to protect them from debris.
  5. Make arrangements for pets and kids: If you have pets and children who may be impacted by loud noises, you may want to make alternate arrangements for them while contractors are completing your Palm Harbor fl metal roofing installation.


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wpradminPreparing for your Palm Harbor FL Metal Roofing Installation