The process of installing a new roof


Roof replacement is a big job. But what exactly is your roofing contractor doing to install your new roof? Here’s an overview of the roof replacement process.


  1. Cover and protect any exterior plants or structures that could be damaged in the roof replacement process.
  2. Remove the existing roofing material (shingles, tiles, etc.). Any damaged flashing or drip edging is also removed at this time.
  3. If the wood beneath your roofing material is in good condition, this is when minor repairs would take place. If it needs replacing, it would happen at this stage in the process.
  4. Asphalt roofing paper helps add an additional layer of protection to keep water out of your home. It covers the roof sheathing. This additional layer is typically tacked or stapled in place.
  5. Metal drip edging goes in around the edge of your roof. It is fastened in place with nails over top the roofing paper.
  6. If required, new flashing is installed where the planes of your roof meet. Flashing is also installed anywhere you may encounter a leak – near chimneys, skylights, etc.
  7. Ridge vent is installed to assist in ventilation in the attic space. Although ridge vents may not always be applicable, it’s important to install some ventilation to help adequately ventilate the attic.
  8. Clean-up. A good roofing contractor will remove all debris. In addition, they should scan your yard with a magnet to attract any loose screws that may have made their way into your yard during the installation.


The installation time for your roof depends on the size of your roof.

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wpradminThe process of installing a new roof