Which roof is best for you, in Wesley Chapel, FL?

North Tampa continues to be a busy area for home building and home improvement. We receive calls from the Lutz, Land O Lakes and Wesley Chapel areas asking about roof replacements all the time. Often, we’re asked about the difference between different types of roof coverings during a roof replacement. Wesley Chapel homes frequently feature a small variety of coverings. Here’s a quick summary:

Composite Shingles

This is the most common material used to cover homes. They come in a variety of styles and levels of quality so you can make a personal decision about which ones are right for your roof. Shingles are relatively easy to replace. They have a wide range of duration. Make sure you know how long certain shingle products should last when you get estimates.

Metal Roofing

The nice thing about metal roofs in this area is that they offer no additional food for our Florida bugs to eat. The roof is naturally resistant to fire. The metal roof styling on residential roofs is experiencing a variety of artistic flare at this time. Designers are using metal roofing to make a roof more unique and to stand out with the somewhat industrial look and feel. Metal roofing is designed to last longer than standard shingles.


In the Tampa Bay area, the most common residential tile is Spanish tile. Other areas have more use of slate and clay tile types. Spanish tile generally offers a long lasting roof with a distinct Florida feel. It comes in many different colors and homeowners commonly experiment with mixing the tile colors into the pattern as the tiles are installed on the roof.

In the Wesley Chapel, FL area, your main considerations should be about how much you want to invest in a roof and how to protect that investment. If you plan to move in a few years, you might be making a different decision about a roof replacement, than if you plan to stay a long time.

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wpradminWhich roof is best for you, in Wesley Chapel, FL?