Safety Harbor Florida – Roof Leaks Trouble Residents

Safety Harbor Florida roof leaks have become major concern for homeowners as abnormal amounts of rain savage the area this summer. The unusually wet weather has created a backlog of work for many roofing contractors based in the surrounding metroplex. Most provide service in a 30-50-mile radius including small communities such as Safety Harbor Florida. Roof leaks are much more difficult to repair in the rain and many contractors will not take on these difficult “small” jobs if they have to travel too far.

If you have difficulty getting a contractor to come out in the rain there are a few things you can do to temporarily patch the leak and limit water damage.

Plastic sheeting can be applied over roof leaks provided you know where the water is entering. It is not uncommon for the area the water drips inside the house to be quite a distance from the actual leak. Water can travel along rafters, joists, wires and insulation once it gets inside before making its presence known in your living space.

It is important any temporary covering is strong enough to withstand tearing from wind. Use at least a 3mill plastic or a reinforced tarp. It must be held down securely. Typically thin boards are screwed down to secure the sheeting. They must be installed in such away they do not trap water as it flows down the roof. Sheeting must be tucked under existing shingles to keep water from getting underneath or continued up and over roof peak.

If your roof is over 20 years old you might consider replacing it altogether once the rain lets up. May through October is the rainy season in Safety Harbor Florida.

Roof leaks are most likely to first appear during heavy or continuous rains. When water builds up it collects in roof seams, shingles and faulty caulk seams. It is not uncommon for a leak to only show up in a severe storm and them seemingly stop in subsequent lesser storms. Don’t be fooled, it is most likely still there and will reappear when sufficient wind and water return.

A building permit must be filed to install a new roof in Safety Harbor Florida. Roof leaks can sometimes be repaired without filing a permit provided contractor is licensed and job is under $500.00

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