Roof Leaks Can Be Dangerous: What to Watch for in St. Petersburg

Understanding the Risks of Roof Leaks in St. Petersburg

Since it only rains an average of 97 days out of the year in St. Petersburg, people tend to underestimate the risks involved with roof leaks. But in Florida as anywhere else, a roof leak can pose a serious threat to health and safety. Here are a few important safety hazards posed by roof leaks, so that people in St. Petersburg and elsewhere can address leaks before these issues become serious.

The most basic danger that roof leaks can pose is that despite the contradiction in terms, your roof is foundational to your home: without it, you are essentially homeless. And a roof leak can lead to a collapsed ceiling if left unrepaired for too long. There are less obvious threats to health in the form of slipping and falling. These can be especially harmful incidents for the more vulnerable: children and the elderly. If your roof is leaking, make sure to clean up any water on the floor while you are preparing to fix the problem for good.

Less physically but no less dangerously, there is the risk of mold. If not repaired immediately, roof leaks can get into the woodwork of a house, creating the ideal environment for mold growth. If inhaled, mold can be very, very dangerous: avoid it at all costs and leave clean up to professionals. You’ll recognize mold by its distinctive dark spots on a ceiling. Also, since mold is essentially a sign of decay, all the aforementioned risks of ceiling collapse apply.

Last, and perhaps most surprising, there is the fire risk associated with a leak. Water in the framework of a house can reach wires in the ceiling or attic space and cause electric damage or even fire. If you suspect that a leak has let water into these spaces, make sure and have an electrician inspect your wiring as part of your repairs.

It can be time-consuming and inconvenient to make serious repairs to your roof, but the risks in the long run far outweigh the short-term costs. Make sure you address roof leaks quickly, and if you must delay, keep a close eye on the situation to avoid any of the risks mentioned here.

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