Clearwater Florida, Leaking Roof Cause and Prevention

If you live in Clearwater Florida leaking roof season is synonymous with Hurricane season, which began June 1.

The afternoon summer rains that occur every few days in Clearwater Florida provide welcome cooling but they can also expedite leaky roof problems as water seeps into weathered and worn roof areas eventually finding that one weak spot that can ultimately become a full-blown roof leak.

When rains occur several times in single week water can remain under damaged and worn shingles, never fully drying out between storms. It can seep deeper into problem areas with each rain by osmosis and ultimately create a leak inside that might be quite a distance from the actual point water penetrated the roof on the outside.

Shingle roofs are impregnated with sand granules that provide UV protection from the sun. These granules slowly wear and wash away as the roof ages over the years making the shingles more and more susceptibly to UV damage.

Today’s shingles are typically rated for 25 to 50 years but a leaking roof can occur sooner as a result of any number of isolated issues.

  • Wind can cause shingles to lift or tear breaking the seal between shingle courses,
  • Physical damage can be caused by tree branches, insects, birds, and roof attachments such as satellite dishes or antenna
  • Hail can damage protective coatings
  • Extreme sun exposure UV rays, typically the west side can break down sooner than the rest of the roof.

If you live in or near Clearwater Florida, leaking roof prevention is best considered before a tropical storm arrives.

Most reputable roofing companies will provide a free evaluation of your existing roof and help to identify potential problem areas so that you can decide if service, repair or replacement is in order.

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