Belleair roof leaks. What to do.

As an experienced roofing professional in Belleair, we have come across numerous cases of roof leaks, especially those caused by vent pipes. In fact, almost every house in the area has at least one vent pipe protruding through the roof, usually one for each bathroom.

Roof leaks from vent pipes are common repair problems because the extreme heat and heavy rain during the summers can cause significant damage to roofing materials. The waterproof seal between the vent and shingles is often the first to get affected, leading to leaks when the summer showers pour down on older roofs.

For those who are not familiar with vent pipes, they run from the bathroom, up through the roof, or from the roof down to the bathroom. This design enables air pressure to come down on the plumbing system, allowing water to flow down into the drains. It’s similar to when you put your finger on top of a straw, and the liquid can’t flow out until you lift your finger. That’s air pressure and gravity pushing or pulling the liquid down.

Vent leaks mostly result from improperly installed flanges that secure the pipe to the roof. Additionally, the sealant between the pipe and the roof can wear down and develop cracks over time.

Identifying the exact location of the leak can be challenging since the water may seep through the roof and run down the underside of the roof or down the rafters in the attic, appearing as a drip in a room that’s 10-30 feet from the actual leak on the roof.

Ignoring a vent leak can lead to water damage to the wood in the attic, causing rotting to the roof deck, rafters, insulation, and drywall. Fixing a vent leak may involve replacing the flanges or sealants or even replacing the entire pipe.

If you suspect a vent pipe leak on your roof, it’s best to call a professional roofing contractor. We have the expertise to handle such situations and can recommend the best solutions to address the issue.

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