Clearwater Florida Metal Roofing Estimates

It is important to understand the various types of roofing methods to properly compare metal roofing estimates. Clearwater Florida, like the entire Gulf coast is subject to tropical storms and hurricanes. As such metal roofing must be rated to withstand winds in excess of 135 mph.

Metal roofing estimates will vary greatly depending on colors, style and finishes. In addition to the traditional flat panels they are also available in Spanish tile, slate patterns, and faux shingles. There is even new concrete coated metal roofing that is touted to be one of the best roofs available in the world.

Installation methods also greatly affect metal roofing estimates. Clearwater Florida designer James Orr explains three of the most common metal roof installation options;

  • Flat Metal Overlapping Seams is by far the most common and economical metal roof. Panels have a raised pattern that simply overlaps the adjoining panel by a few inches creating a weatherproof seal. Panels are screwed down with metal screws with a rubber washer that seal the screw hole.
  • Flat Metal Standing Seams are similar to above except that the mating edges of each panel are folded up 90 degrees about an inch above panel. A folded metal strip snaps over two matching edges creating a waterproof cap and mechanical seal. Often times the standing seam metal roofing estimates include an option for “no visible screws” by utilizing mounting brackets underneath that the panels snap into.
  • Flat metal, Soldered Seams is typically utilized on copper roofing. It is generally the most expensive and beautiful of all metal roofs but can cost many times that of the lesser styles.


If you live in Clearwater Florida metal roofing estimates are not as easy to line up, as they would be in Northern areas of the country. It takes special equipment and know-how to install metal roofs that comply with the Southern Standards Building Codes rated for Hurricane areas.

Make sure you find an experienced roofer with a good track record suited to Clearwater Florida. Metal roofing estimates near salt water should include premium coatings to best resist corrosion.

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