Clearwater Roof Replacement Mistakes – Focus on the Warranty

We’re a roofing company that does roof replacements in the Clearwater and surrounding areas all the time. As we work with local homeowners to design solutions to their roofing needs, we often share our recommendations on how to avoid mistakes on a job like this.

Guarantees, and how they work.

Ask, “What are the different guarantees available with your purchase?”

The word “guarantee” often comes up at some point in the sales presentation. As a homeowner who’s looking to replace your roof, you need to ask what the guarantee means. A guarantee usually does not guarantee satisfaction. They may say that, but ask them what they means.

Guarantees usually have two components.

The first focuses on replacing materials used on the job.

Ask about the fine print on this. Who is purchasing the new materials being used with the warranty claim. Is it the roofer, or the manufacturer?

In addition, many manufacturers will guarantee their products only if they are installed correctly. Ask about what it means to have the materials installed incorrectly and how this roofer will prevent that from happening.

The second part of the guarantee is the labor used to fix things during a warranty claim.

Ask about who provided the labor if there is a warranty claim. If the answer is the roofer, and NOT the manufacturer, then consider what happens ten years into your roof if the roofing company is out of business. This is a good reason to choose a roofer who has been operating for at least ten years.

Some times, the manufacturer is committed to hiring a local roofer to perform the warranty repair. In that case, they usually have a short list of roofers in your area which they have used in the past. But, the advantage of this method is that if a specific roofer goes out of business, the manufacturer will find another roofer to do the job.

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