Roof Leaking on your St. Petersburg FL home? – Next Steps

A roof leak can indicate different things depending on how long ago your roof was installed. If you have a roof leak in your St. Petersburg, FL home, here are your next steps to protect your home.

Your first task to to see if you can identify where the leak is coming from. There are other potential sources of leaks, like leaking air conditioning drain pans in the attic. But frequently, the leak is coming through the roof, into the attic and dripping through your ceiling. Finding the actual leak location from under the roof can be difficult, so keep in mind, the location of where the water is getting through the waterproof roof barrier is just the starting point. The water may run down and across the underside of your roof for quite a distance before finding the floor if your attic, which is right on the other side or your ceilings.

You should try to find a way to collect the water that is entering your rooms. Buckets and wet vacs are very useful tools for this. If the water is standing still for days, you start to run the risk of mold and mildew.

Call a roofer for the roof leak. The roofer has many tools and techniques available to diagnose the situation. They can run a leak check by spraying water on the roof and going into the attic to look for leaks. They can frequently inspect the roof and find the areas of risk that usually result in leaks over time due to the sun beating down on the roof. They can also find areas that will leak in the near future.

St. Petersburg FL roof leaking problems can be stressful. Finding a local licenses and insured roofer can help to get your home back on track.

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