Why Contractors Say Metal Roofing Is Perfect for Your Clearwater, FL Home

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Around the country, more and more homeowners are switching to metal roofing. While we offer a variety of roofing types and materials, a metal roof installed by a professional contractor can offer advantages uniquely suited to the Clearwater area or anywhere within Florida. The warm climate in Clearwater and throughout Florida can mean that a metal roof will save you money and fit houses with gently pitched roofs, or any type of existing roof on your Clearwater, FL home. But why should you consider a metal roof and why would you need that roof to be installed by a qualified contractor? Here are just a few reasons.

Many people fear that metal roofing is loud or particularly vulnerable to extreme weather conditions, but properly installed, metal roofing is no noisier than any other materials and can be insulated in the same ways as other roofs to block out noise. Hail can damage a metal roof, but hail is rare in the southeast and for the more prevalent types of weather conditions in Clearwater, FL, area, metal roofing can save on cooling costs since it reflects solar radiation rather than conducting it within the house and there is no evidence that it attracts potentially dangerous conditions like lightning.

Metal roofs also tend to cost less in terms of maintenance and eventual replacement. Where the standard life of an asphalt shingle roof is around 30 years, a metal roof lasts anywhere between 40 and 70, on average, and carries no risk of fire, mold, or insect damage. It’s important when considering a metal roof to make sure that you work with qualified professionals in order to avoid problems with installation, so call us today to hear how we can make a metal roof work for your Clearwater, FL home.

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