The dangers of a leaking roof

Roof Replacement Shingle

Roof Replacement Shingle

One of the worst problems a homeowner can encounter is a leaking roof. Even a small leak can become a much bigger problem with one strong storm that further compromises the roof. Here are some of the most notable issues that come with a leaking roof.


  1. Mold: Mold growths only require water and organic matter to spread. Once your roof starts leaking, it won’t take mold long to find the right conditions to spread. Once the conditions are present, the mold will spread very quickly. Mold can cause a number of negative impacts on your health and needs to be addressed timely.


  1. Energy waste: A leak in your roof typically compromises the insulation in your attic. The insulation in the attic is one of the key components that keeps your home cool. When the insulation is compromised, your HVAC system has to work harder to keep your home cool.


  1. Drywall impacts: Leaking water can impact your drywall ceiling and cause it to cave. If this problem goes unaddressed, your ceiling might eventually cave in. This could cause catastrophic impacts to your belongings in your home, not to mention dangerous conditions for your family.


  1. Risk of fire: As soon as you uncover a leak in your roof, it is important to shut off power and consult an electrician. If the water meets the power source, it could lead to a fire in your home.


Addressing a leak in the roof of your Safety Harbor, Florida home in a timely fashion can save you money and minimize the possibility of harmful conditions for your family.
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