Material options for your roof replacement


Are you planning a roof replacement for your Belleair, Florida home? Roofing contractors offer a wide array of materials to choose from for your roof replacement. This overview will give you some insight into the most popular roofing material options.


Shingles, also known as asphalt roofing, are made of a number of layers of fiberglass embedded with asphalt to make them water resistant. This roofing material is very popular because it is very cost effective. They are also easy to install and usually require only minor maintenance. Shingles come in a variety of colors to match the esthetic of your home.


Metal is another material option for your roof replacement. Metal roofs help deflect heat in the hottest months of summer, which makes them a great cost-effective option for your Belleair, Florida home. Metal comes in large panels or smaller tiles. Newer metal roofs are designed in a way that makes it nearly impossible for water to damage the material.


Tile roofs are constructed of concrete or ceramic. This is a nearly indestructible roofing material. A tile roof that is properly maintained can have a lifespan up to 80 years. Tile roofs hold up well in strong storms because the material is heavy. They are also not susceptible to rust or rot.


GAF Shingles are a type of shingle that are more durable and efficient than a typical shingle product. These shingles are often made of slate. The longevity of GAF shingles make them a great option to extend the life of your roof replacement.


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