Things to avoid with roof improvements and repairs


Roofing is one of the most costly and important investments in your home. As such, it’s important to consider the impact of all the options before doing any major updates or alterations to your roof. Here are some tips on things to avoid with roofing improvement or repair projects for your Wesley Chapel, Florida home.

  1. DIY Repairs or Replacement: If you’re not a licensed, certified roofing contractor, you likely do not have the knowledge to properly repair or replace the roof on your home. Homeowners who try to take on these projects themselves often resort to calling a professional roofer to finish the job that they started. At this point, the project may be more time consuming and costly if the roofing contractor has to repair or “undo” anything.
  2. Buying your own materials: Although you may be tempted to purchase your own materials to save money, a roofing contractor should make this purchase from a supplier on your behalf. You are more likely to purchase the incorrect amount of material if you don’t properly measure the roof. Contractors also get relatively fair pricing because of their relationships with suppliers. Getting quotes from multiple contractors for the same materials will ensure that you’re getting a competitive price for your materials.
  3. Hiring the wrong contractor: It’s important to research local roofing contractors before signing a contract for work. Get recommendations from neighbors who have had roof replacement or repair, and read reviews to ensure that a contractor is reputable. Once you select one, make sure your contract details timelines, materials, warranty and expectations for the job.


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wpradminThings to avoid with roof improvements and repairs