Find A Reliable Contractor in Clearwater For Your Roofing Needs

People in Clearwater, FL are in a great position to choose from many reputable roofing contractors in the area. There are over 300 roofing companies that work new constructions, remodels and repairs in the county. With all of these options, choosing one for your home can be difficult. This article is intended to share tips for finding the right one for your needs and one that follows best business practices.
The first level of screening should focus on insurance coverage and licensing. Make sure you receive a copy of the workers’ compensation coverage and the Roofing License with your estimate. Clearwater is under the prevue of the state licensing regulations as well as the state requirement for workers’ compensation insurance.
If you are looking for a contractor right after a hurricane or hail storm, keep in mind that contractors who show up right after hurricanes or hail storms may need an extra amount of screening by you. Be careful if the contractor won’t specify payment terms in a written agreement. Be very careful if they need a “cash deposit”.
A recommendation from from family, or a friend, can go a long way toward finding the right roofer. In almost all cases, having a reliable referral means at least somebody you know worked with the roofing contractor all the way from the initial presentation through the completion of the project.
If you are new to the area, the usual sources like the Better Business Bureau can help. Their website will itemize complaints and recommendations.
Asking if they have a physical office is important, because it helps to show they are a legitimate participant in the local Clearwater business environment.
In summary, if you can get a referral from a friend, get a copy of the insurance and roofing license, and get a written contract from a roofer with a physical office; you’re probably in good shape.
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