Roof Repair in Wesley Chapel, FL? Common leak locations explanation.

Roof Repair in Wesley Chapel

On a recent roof repair in Wesley Chapel, our experienced roofing contractors were asked about the common leak locations on roofs and why they occurred. We thought we’d type up our explanation in case anybody wanted the same information. Here are the most common locations of roof leaks that need repairing:

Valleys in the roof.

Where you have two roof sections coming together at a joint, it can create a valley. Valleys are high-risk areas of a roof because water can be channeled there by the shape of the roof. These areas receive and direct a lot of runoff rainwater. This water gradually corrodes shingles and flashing, which can result in roof damage.

Shingle Field

Shingles degrade over time, putting the underlying waterproof layering at risk from the sun and weather. The field of shingles can be penetrated by many things, including nails that work their way out over time. The heat experienced in North Tampa areas like Wesley Chapel means slight expansion and contractions every day in the roofing materials used in your roof. This constant movement can lead to minor issues and potential leaks.

Wall Flashing Lines

When a vertical wall meets a sloped plane, it creates a wall flashing line. Commonly, metal flashing is used to help prevent water from entering the crack between the vertical wall and the sloping roof meeting it. The metal flashing goes behind the wood siding of the vertical wall and over the first layer of shingles on the part of the roof sloping away from the wall. However, this metal flashing can corrode over time, especially if it was incorrectly installed. Wall Step Flashing, which occurs when a roof plane climbs up alongside a vertical wall, requires individual pieces of flashing to be correctly installed on each shingle that butts up against the wall. This leaves lots of opportunity to make an installation mistake, leading to potential water damage and major problems.

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