Clearwater Roof Replacement Mistakes

Clearwater Roof Replacement Mistakes

As a Clearwater, FL roof replacement company, we here at Weatherproof Roofing get asked all the time about what mistakes to avoid when getting a new roof put on a house. Here are a few of the top ones:

1) Going with the company with lowest estimate.

As with almost all shopping, always make sure you know what you are getting, and what you are not, when going with the lowest price. In the roof replacement world, the lowest price frequently includes things like:

  • Missing or low quality materials.
  • Skipped safety procedures and a lack of safety equipment.
  • Unlicensed workers.
  • No guarantee, or an inadequate guarantee.
  • Lack of Customer Service and unprofessional workers.

2) Not understanding how the guarantee works

Saying the work is guaranteed only implies some kind of reaction from the Clearwater roofing company if they agree something went wrong. Make sure you ask details about what the guarantee offers and what needs to happen to have the roofing company agree a mistake was made. Do you just need to complain, or will they need you to provide proof, or other measures? Does the guarantee cover work AND materials? Does work need to happen in an urgent manner to fix an issue?

3) Going with a company that guarantees the roof replacement work themselves

If the small roofing company offers their own guarantee, what happens if they going out of business in a year? Many companies now are able to offer 3rd party guarantees that still take effect if the roofing company goes out of business.


4) Accepting poor customer service

Putting a roof on a house is a huge investment for most people. Choosing a Clearwater roofing company that can’t offer pleasing customer service means working with them will be a hassle for you every step of the way.  The first meeting with their sales representative is the best interaction you’ll have with the company. It’s their first chance to impress you.


At Weatherproof Roofing, we deal with roof replacements all the time.

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