Spotting Roof Leaks in Your Wesley Chapel Home

Unchecked roof leaks can cause a lot of damage to your Wesley Chapel home. Luckily, it’s possible to identify and diagnose them yourself before calling in professionals. Here’s a quick guide to helping you determine the best course of action when you spot a potential leak.
It’s not uncommon to see heavy rains in and around Wesley Chapel. Roof leaks will obviously be active then, and if you’ve previously noticed a stained or discolored area in your ceiling or roof, that’s the best time to determine if the leak is currently active or just an old stain from a previous leak. Professional home inspectors can double check this by detecting moisture around the site.
If the area does not get worse or wetter during rain, then it may be due to some other source of moisture in your home, like an unventilated bathroom, leaking washer/dryer, or just a damp basement. Uneven insulation can also cause condensation due to cold spots in a house. Be sure to eliminate any other potential causes before you call a roofing specialist.
It’s most common that some specific part of the roof is leaking rather than there simply being a hole in your roof. Look at the spots where pipes, wires, chimneys or other features of the house meet with or penetrate the roof. Check any collars or flashing to make sure all is perfectly flush with the roof and not creating a gap between the two due to normal wear and tear. Roof/wall joints are common places for problems, since they need both step and counter flashing. Valleys (where two opposing slopes meet) are another common trouble site as they can collect water during rain. There are multiple methods for resolving this. Lastly, shoddy repairs can cause leaks. Look for roof cement, a black, tar-like substance where there should be flashing or other joiners. Roof cement is commonly used to fix problems in the short term, but it breaks down easily and can cause bigger problems when it does. Make sure your roofing contractor did not cut corners and overuse roof cement in your original installation.

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