4 Tips on Roof Repair for Clearwater, FL Residents

Homeowners in the Clearwater, FL area know how crucial roof repair can be. Of course the roof is practically what defines a home more than any other single feature, but a failure to maintain the roof can lead to problems with the rest of the structure, higher energy costs, and even more expensive repairs. It’s not always easy to know when repairs or maintenance are appropriate, so here are some tips for everyone in Clearwater, FL on when and how to undertake roof repair.
Make a Lasting Impression: Your roof makes up most of what people see when first approaching your house, and studies suggest that an investment in a quality roof can pay off big for homeowners when it’s time to sell. A well maintained roof will put prospective buyers at ease, as it suggests that the entire house has been well maintained and won’t be a “fixer-upper.”
Do It Right the First Time: Quality installation can count for a lot. The typical asphalt shingle roof lasts up to about twenty years, but quality materials and attention to detail at installation can result in a roof that lasts a lifetime, with regular maintenance.
The Signs are Everywhere: You should inspect your roof visually several times a year. Check for rusted flashings, missing granules on shingles, buckling, curling, or streaking stains on shingles. Watch your utility bill as rising heating or cooling costs may indicate an insulation or sealing problem. And check your attic for mold or moss as these are a clear sign of leakage. Extreme weather is not at all uncommon to Clearwater, FL, and roof repair may be especially necessary after such events. After the dust settles is the best time to spot growing problems.
Keep Up with Upkeep: Maintenance on your home’s ventilation systems, gutters, and other areas attached or adjacent to the roof can help you to spot problems before they get out of hand. These things should be done at least once a year, and more often if you notice problem areas specific to your house.

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