Clearwater Roof Repair – Leaky Vent Pipe

When new clients call us asking about a roof repair in Clearwater, FL, we frequently hear about leaks being the problem.

Leaky vent Pipes are a common kind of Clearwater roof repair problem. When the Summer showers off the Gulf start drenching your roof after a long dry Florida winter, the roof leaks start to show. Vent pipes are one of those common places for older roofs to fail.

The vent pipes are those pipes running through the roof and out the top. With Clearwater’s heat, the sealants between the pipes and the roof itself often wear down or form cracks in the material. If the flanges securing the pipe to the roof are improperly installed, they can also create a place for leaks.

Sometimes, the pipe itself has developed a hole and is the source of the leak.

Leaks can be hard to track down due to entering the roof in one place, but dripping through the ceiling in another. The water frequently runs down the inside of the roof to a different area only to puddle to leak through at that secondary location.

Taking care of the leak quickly can limit the amount of damage it causes. As a leak lets rain through time and again, the water seeps into and causes damage in wood, insulation, and drywall.

Fixing the pipe vent may require replacing the pipe itself, or just the flanges and sealants. A close inspection is needed to help determine the exact cause of the leak and the appropriate solution.

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