How to immediately address a leaking roof


There’s never an ideal time for your roof to leak. If you do encounter this unfortunate circumstance, there are a few things you can do immediately to minimize the damage from a leaking roof

First action when you encounter a leak in your roof is to cover or move anything that could be damaged by the water. This includes furniture, electronics and any other valuables or keepsakes you may have in your home. Next key action is to catch the water. You’ll need a bucket or some other container to contain the water coming into your home.

If you notice that the paint on your ceiling is bubbling, this indicates that your ceiling is holding water. You should puncture the bubble and catch the water so that it has somewhere to go. If you have some much water coming in that you can’t contain it, you should call a roofer for emergency service to help get the leak under control.

Once you’ve caught the water, you’ll need to remove it. Anything that encountered water will need to be thoroughly dried. Water stains are nearly impossible to remove. Worse than water stains, sitting water can lead to mold growth in your home. This is not a healthy scenario. If you’ve taken in an extensive amount of water, you should consult a water extraction company to ensure you’ve removed as much moisture as possible.

Once the leak is completely controlled and water is addressed, you’ll need to plan to take action to repair the leak. Call your homeowners insurance company to see if they will cover anything, especially if your leak is caused by a natural disaster.

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