Important questions to ask of your roof replacement contractor


Replacing your roof is an incredibly costly investment in your home. It’s very important to do your due diligence before hiring a roofing contractor to complete this large, expensive project on your home. Here are some important questions you should ask of potential contractors for your roof replacement.


  1. Are you licensed and is it current?: Roofing contractors are required to be licensed, and every state has different licensure requirements. If you know the basic licensure and code requirements in your state, you can validate various contractor’s licensure.
  2. Do you carry liability and worker’s compensation insurance?: Worker’s compensation insurance is very costly for contractors, so even though they’re required to carry it, some may not. In the event that a contractor’s worker gets hurt on your property and they do not have worker’s compensation insurance, you may be liable. While worker’s compensation insurance covers the people working on your property, the contractor’s general liability insurance covers your property. Should the contractor make a mistake that damages your property, you do not want to be accountable for the expense.
  3. Will you provide a written estimate?: It’s important that the roofing contractor give you a written estimate that details not only the cost of your project, but also the timeframes in which they expect to complete it. The estimate should also detail the materials they plan to use on your roof.


While there are other important considerations to factor before selecting a contractor for your roof replacement, these questions are among the most critical to help you make an informed decision.


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wpradminImportant questions to ask of your roof replacement contractor