Metal roof options for your Clearwater, FL home

A new focus on sustainable products has propelled homeowners to look toward metal roofing as an option for their home. As shingles are on the decline, metal roofs are becoming increasingly more popular.  There are other reasons why you might consider metal as an option for your Clearwater, Florida home.

  1. Simple installation: Metal is more lightweight than other roofing materials. This is easier on your home. It’s also easier on your roofing contractor, which means they will likely finish the job more efficiently.
  2. Efficiencies: A metal roof might be a great option to help you lower your energy bills. The metal on the roof can reflect heat, making it easier for your air conditioning to keep your home cool.
  3. Look and Feel: Metal roofs are a great looking option and can be styled a number of ways. Especially among the aesthetics of coastal Florida, metal roofs offer a great option to compliment the design and appearance of your Clearwater, Florida home.
  4. Durable & built to last: Metal roofs are a long-term solution for your roof. When properly maintained, this roofing material can last up to 50 years. They are also built to withstand the elements, and are both wind and fire resistant.

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