Roofing services for Dunedin homes

A leak on your ceiling sometimes means a repair is needed, and sometimes, it’s an indication of a larger problem.

As a popular Roofing company in Dunedin, Weatherproof Roofing contractors offer tips for homeowners to help them spot some of the clues.

You can start with an observation of your roof from the ground. Use a pair of binoculars or take photos of the roof with your best camera. By either observing the roof through the binoculars, or viewing the hi-res photos on your computer, you should be able to spot signs of the roof deteriorating like shingles curling up, cracks and missing shingles. the edge of the roof should be flat and not curled up. Typical stress points for roofs are the valleys.

Your next place of inspection can be the attic space. By taking a flashlight, or a flash camera. Observe or take pictures of the wooden trusses and the roof deck above your head. Look for signs of water damage. Many times, a leak will work down a truss and stain a ceiling many feet away from the roof leak location.

If any issues you find are localized around a small area, a repair may be appropriate. This could be a hole, or missing shingle. It may be damage from being walked on constantly, like if you go on your roof at the same spot routinely.

If the issues appear throughout the roof, like curling shingles, many missing shingles, massive loss of stone granules creating bald spots on the shingles then a roof replacement may be in order. Also, you may find rusting nails under the shingles, or multiple places nails are working out of the shingles by rising up vertically. This is a sign of an older roof that may be nearing the end of its effective use.

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