How to prepare your roof for hurricane season


Hurricane season is in full swing and as a homeowner in Florida, it’s important to be prepared. There are several steps you can take to be sure your home’s roof is as ready as possible for a potential tropical storm or hurricane weather event.

First off – it’s important to ensure any necessary repairs are addressed. A roof inspection by a roofing contractor will help you determine if your roof requires any repair. A contractor will inspect your roof from within your attic as well as from the exterior, and will determine if there are any repairs that you need to protect the safety and integrity of both your roof, and ultimately, your home. When you get a roof repair from a contractor, you should receive a full report, photos of your roof and an estimate for any repairs you may need.

Another consideration for your roof to prepare for a hurricane is roof tie-downs. These straps help protect your roof in high winds and strong storms. A roofing contractor can tell you if your roof is suitable for tie-downs, as not all roofs need them. Tie-downs will help protect your roof from damage that may require repair down the road.

In addition to repairs and tie-downs, it’s important to trim any trees surrounding your roof before a storm arrives. Any trees that hang over your roof can create a dangerous situation in a strong storm. Tree limbs that linger on your roof can compromise your roof. In severe weather, these limbs can break from trees and cause damage to electrical systems windows or other structures. 

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