Preparing your home for a roof replacement


In preparing for a roof replacement, you’ve probably spent a lot of time and energy focused on choosing a quality contractor, cost and scheduling the work. But what are the other considerations you need to account for to prepare your home for a roof replacement? Here’s a list of steps to take and things to consider to prepare your home for a new roof.


  1. Clear out your attic: You may be storing various items in your attic. Before your roof replacement begins, you should remove any items you have stored in your attic. This will ensure they are not damaged during construction. In addition to removing any valuables from the attic, you should lay a tarp to protect your attic from collecting dust during your roof replacement.
  2. Check your windows: In the process of replacing your roof, materials can fall and scratch or damage the windows on your home. Covering them will help prevent any accidental damage.
  3. Take things off the wall: The constant hammering can send vibrations through the wall, which may knock items off. Taking them down ahead of time will ensure nothing falls or breaks.
  4. Consider any fragile items: If you have china in a cabinet or other valuable, fragile items out in your home, the same vibrations could potentially cause damage to these items as well. Take care to move and store these pieces before work begins on your roof.

If you’re unsure if certain items inside or outside your home will be safe from accidental damage during your roof replacement, ask your roofing contractor for their input. They can advise what you need to address based on the size and scope of your roof replacement project.


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