Preparing Your Home and Garden for a Roof Replacement


Previously, we’ve addressed how you should prepare the interior of your home for a roof replacement. Now, we’re going to discuss preparations you should take for the exterior of your home and your yard/garden that you should look into before replacing the roof on your home.

  1. Remove your vehicles from garage or driveway: Your roofing contractor will likely need your driveway to keep materials and place a dumpster to place trash they will haul away once the project is complete. Move your vehicles the night before your roof replacement is scheduled to begin to ensure that you can access your car as needed.
  2. Create a 15-foot clearance around your home: This means you may need to move outdoor furniture or children’s toys. Your roofing contractor will need to access your roof from various points on your property, so it’s important to be sure they have a 15-foot clearance all the way around your home.
  3. Cover plants: If you have any delicate plants in a garden, you should cover them. There’s a chance they could be compromised by falling roofing materials. Mark them with a certain color tarp or tape and ask your contractor to avoid them, if feasible.
  4. Make sure your electrical outlet is working: Your roofer may need to access a power source. If you have one outside your home, check it to be sure it works. If you don’t have one on the exterior of your home, give your roofer access to the garage or another interior source of power should they need it.


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wpradminPreparing Your Home and Garden for a Roof Replacement