Reasons for roof leaks in Clearwater, and how to avoid them.

Clearwater weather can cause leaks in roofs before you know it, literally. Leaks can fester for months, dripping water into your attic space and rotting both the wooden roof deck and the upper face of the dry wall that makes up your ceiling. Once a leak makes it through the ceiling drywall material, it becomes visible and can then let the water in.

Roof leaks on roofs less than 20 years old are usually due to installation errors, faulty materials or a localized environmental issue.

Roofing companies vary widely in their ability to effectively follow industry best practices for installing a new roof. And, there are usually best practices that respect the local climate (like the Clearwater summer showers and then intense heat) and the specific materials being installed.20190529 150816

The type of material and the quality of the manufacturing can greatly affect whether your leak is caused by faulty materials. While each shingle manufacturer offers different grades of underlayment and shingles from low-end “economical” to higher-end, the consistency of those product offerings are a factor of the manufacturer. In choosing the materials for your roof, it’s best to understand why the roofing representative is offering a specific manufacturer’s products, and then to also understand what level of product you are selecting. All materials are not made the same.

The localized environmental issues that can cause leaks are things like having trees on the north side of the house that drop leaves, which retain moisture. Algae that thrives in shaded and moist areas can also retain moisture and prevent rain from evaporating off the roof in a timely manner. This moisture retention promotes the growth of mold and wood rotting.

The best thing to do is to call in an expert to help spot these issues before there’s more damage. Most of the time, our customers call us after they spot the leak, but at least we can help them understand how it came about and offer some solutions so they can wind up with a higher quality install, roof materials and be able to handle environmental issues in an informed way.

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Mike MartinoReasons for roof leaks in Clearwater, and how to avoid them.