With Summer approaching, watch out for roof leaks in Clearwater.

With Hurricane season arriving in the next few months, homeowners in Clearwater Florida are on the look out for leaks in their roofs.

Leaks in roofs are sometimes created by the summer showers that take the warm roof and cool it off. Later, the afternoon sum warms the roof up again. This contraction and expansion every day wreaks havoc on the roof materials safeguarding your home. Cracks form in the different layers of materials from Shingles to the underlayment, over time.

When the water doesn’t get a chance to dry out, the water can seep deeper between storms. These leaks let the water in, where it may run and then drip many feet away from the actual leak.

One of the reasons these leaks happen is because of the design of the shingles themselves. The shingles have sand granules set in them that bounce UV light away. Over time, the sand wears away and the sand collects in your gutters. Sand in your gutters is always a bad sign of an aging roof. While these shingles are typically rated for 20-30 years, you can still get a leak from the following:

Shingles can be lifted up, and even broken due to high winds.
The south facing and western facing sides of the roof can get an abnormal amount of UV damage.
Moss and leaves on the roof can harbor moisture and trap it for days following a storm.20190719 145310Things that punch a hold in your roof, like satellite dishes, solar panels, and water heater systems.
Intense heat also c


auses the oil in an asphalt shingle to evaporate, making the material brittle.

Flat roofs are par

ticularly sensitive to bubbling, whereby water gets into a small hole in the flat roof and expands between the waterproofing layer and the deck. This pushes the waterproof layer up into a “bubble” causing a roof leak

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Mike MartinoWith Summer approaching, watch out for roof leaks in Clearwater.