Should you repair or replace your home’s roof prior to selling?

Homeowners who are looking to sell their home typically face decisions about home improvement or repair projects to tackle before placing their house on the market. Minor repairs can add major value for potential buyers, who may not want the burden of items to fix or clean up as they get settled in their new home. So are roofing repairs a consideration you need to make in preparing to sell your Clearwater, Florida home?


If your roof requires any degree of extensive repairs, it’s likely going to come up in negotiations of the sale of your home. An inspector will bring this to the attention of a potential buyer. If it’s going to be a major expense for a potential buyer, it may cause them to reconsider the purchase of your home. Your decision may depend on how eager you are to sell your home. It may also depend on the housing market in your neighborhood and community. The more homes on the market, the less likely a potential buyer is to make an offer on a home that they know will require a roof repair investment.


Another consideration – depending on the nature of the repair required for your roof, selling as-is may impact loan approval for your buyer. If your potential buyer is motivated, they may be willing to split the cost of repairs with you, but it will depend on how eager they are to purchase your home.


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wpradminShould you repair or replace your home’s roof prior to selling?