Roger Safont

What is My Safe Florida?

My Safe Florida is a Grant Program enacted by the Florida Legislature to help single-family homeowners protect their residences against hurricanes. The State will reimburse qualifying homeowners to help cover the cost of making their homes safer. The My Safe Florida Home Program has two primary components; wind mitigation home inspection and wind mitigation grant awards. The first part—Wind Mitigation Inspection—deals with inspecting single-family residential homes to identify elements that can be improved to increase the resistance of your home...
Roger SafontWhat is My Safe Florida?
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My Safe Florida Home Testimonial

After finding out about My Safe Florida, I applied for the grant, not really knowing what I was applying for. I had heard about it through the company I work for. I applied for My safe Florida Grant on April 26, 2023, and had my wind mitigation on May 3, 2023. At this point, I have been approved to apply for my safe Florida Grant now. You must do those previous steps before even being allowed to apply for the...
Roger SafontMy Safe Florida Home Testimonial
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